Frequently Asked Questions

What is YellaSource®?

YellaSource® is a business resource for professional contractors that provides industry information and tools needed to help you grow your business. It also provides in-depth information about YellaWood® brand outdoor building products so that you can maximize the use of these products.

Is this a loyalty program like I’ve seen with hotels and airlines?

Well, not exactly. While it has many of those qualities, it is designed primarily to help you with promoting your business to your customers. Your primary business is building things, not marketing, advertising or many of the other aspects of running a business. This program makes tools available to help you do a better job of that.

Do I have to buy YellaWood® brand products exclusively?

We certainly hope that is what you want to do because of the quality and value of our brand of products, but no, you can buy whatever you want, but only YellaWood® brand purchases will earn you YellaBucksSM to offset the cost of tools made available via the YellaSource® program.

Do I pay a premium for YellaWood® brand products?

Pricing is set by each retail dealer, but we and they offer our products at competitive prices.

What is required to become a YellaSource® member?

It’s easy. Create a login, watch a few videos and answer some questions based on those videos. That’s it - You’re a Silver member of YellaSource® - Gold Certified membership is a bit more exclusive. To become a Gold member simply fill out the Gold registration form. Our team will review your submission and let you know if Gold Membership is available to you.

What do Gold members get that a Silver member does not?

Gold members have the opportunity to have their YellaWood® brand purchases really pay off. Send in your receipts via email or the USPS and you’ll earn YellaBucksSM at a rate of 1.5% of your purchases. Plus you’ll get a featured listing on our Contractor Locator (coming soon) and exclusive brand store offerings.

Does the program provide leads?

Yes, the contractor locator on will allow homeowners actively looking for contactors to find and contact you through our website.

How does the contractor locator work and how do I become part of it?

We’re building out our contractor locator program. The locator will allow homeowners to locate contractors in their area. All members will receive a listing in the contractor directory. Gold Certified members will be given priority listing and active homeowner leads will come directly to you from this tool. The contractor referral program is expected to launch in 2016.

I see you want me to identify a dealer where I can buy YellaWood® products.

- What if I buy from two different YellaWood® dealers?

- Are my purchases counted toward the bonus bucks?

You can buy from as many YellaWood® authorized dealers as you like, but you will only get credit for purchases when you send in your receipts.

If I buy all my YellaWood® products from a single dealer, will I receive a discount?

YellaWood® brand products are offered at very competitive prices every day by our dealers. They set their prices and do so while offering great products as well as great prices. This program does not include additional discounts but you will find tremendous value in the tools that we make available to you on the YellaSourceSM website.

As a member of YellaSource®, can I buy my lumber direct from you?

YellaWood® has a very strict policy of not selling direct to anyone other than our retailers.. We make our products available exclusively through our network of some of the best building products and lumber dealers in the country.

Can I transfer my purchase credits to another program like, for instance, my airline loyalty program?

Sorry, but our program is self-contained and does not work exactly like the airline and hotel loyalty programs. Your YellaBucksSM will be held in your YellaSource® account so that you can use them anytime you like for the items available in the YellaSource® store.

Do my YellaBucksSM expire?

YellaBucksSM do expire. Every two years of membership your YellaBucksSM will expire. We encourage all of our members to use their rewards promptly and take advantage of the great business-building tools. You will be notified by email before you points expire.

How do I find my YellaBucksSM balance?

Your YellaBucksSM balance is noted on screen in the brand store.

What if I don’t have enough YellaBucksSM to purchase an item I want/need – can I pay the difference?

Yes, we provide the ability to pay with a credit card as well.

Are there other ways I can redeem my YellaBucksSM?

At this time you may only redeem your YellaBucksSM for the materials listed in the brand store.

How long do I have to report my purchases?

All receipts must be submitted within three months of purchase.